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  • Video Telematics

    I’m looking to produce a shortlist of VT service providers for a client in the UK. Please review the attached and contact me for more details.

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  • Dorset Steam Cleaning

    https://dorsetsteamcleaning.co.uk I’ve been very happy to mentor Fitz and his steam cleaning business over this year. It hasn’t been easy as we’ve had to maintain contact via zoom and phone calls but we are making it work. I’m really pleased to see that business is picking up and Fitz is gaining confidence with each happy […]

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  • Video Telematics: Vendor Checklist

    Fleet managers looking for a provider of Video Telematics need a checklist to make their life easier. This is where to start when looking for new suppliers. Forward-facing and driver-facing video integrated with telematics data can help you understand the root cause of driving incidents. 2. Continually recorded video can aid with accident reconstruction, driver […]

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  • XenoVida: Corporate Wellness

    XenoVida Corporate Wellness. XenoVida understands that everyone is different and our personalised, flexible and holistic approach provides:  Health profiling using scientifically validated methods to deliver individual assessments of wellbeing with personalised and achievable recommendations through our Essential+ and Complete profiling products.  Education and personal development through workshops and seminars to Corporates or Organisations.  Access to […]

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  • Planys Underwater Robotic Inspection Solutions

    http://www.planystech.com/static/VIDEU1.mp4 Planys Technologies is an Indian deep technology startup providing underwater robotic inspection and survey solutions using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). They are an IIT Madras incubated company that provides submersible robotic inspection and survey solutions using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). They bring world class technology and cutting-edge innovations in underwater robotics and diagnostics in […]

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  • Indra Water

    Solving the global water challenges is the backbone to innovation at INDRA. We are committed to providing a reliable, value added partnership to all our customers and partners thereby actively helping industries and societies meet increasing water demands, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance their environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements thereby driving efficiency and collaboration. […]

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  • Cobalt: The dirty side of a clean future

    Cobalt offers a clean future but it has a dirty consequence. 60% of the world’s cobalt is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least one third is extracted from unregulated mines, paying children <$2/day to work in perilous conditions.  Cobalt is an essential part of the batteries used to power all of our […]

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  • Statins don’t work for one in two people

    Statins don’t work for one in two people

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  • New divorce laws to come to the aid of Brexit?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47860144 Divorce laws in England and Wales are to be overhauled so couples can split faster and, it is hoped, with less acrimony. Under current rules, one spouse has to allege adultery or unreasonable behaviour by the other for divorce proceedings to start straight away. In future, they will only have to state that the […]

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  • Fat Cats becoming fatter

    Fat Cats The chief executive of the company which owns British Gas received a 44% rise in his pay last year to £2.4m. It means Iain Conn, who runs Centrica, is paid 72 times that of an employee in the lower quartile of its salary range – a smart energy expert paid £32,718. The pay […]

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