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  • The Must-have Christmas present for any top Salesperson

    A baton. For a salesperson? But you wanted a new light sabre? Sorry, it’s time to grow up. “But it’s just a stick” I hear you say. Correct but it’s what any top salesperson needs if they are to do their job properly. Salespeople hold a unique position between their own company and the customer. Top […]

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  • Sales Relationships: 5 Levels of Customer Trust & Commitment

    Relationship. Understanding where your relationship is, is essential before you can plan to make changes. Here are important guidelines on the 5 levels of trust and commitment: Level 1 Products & Services Your customers treats the relationship as purely transactional and has no commitment to buy from you rather than a competitor. You have to prove yourself […]

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  • Becoming a Sales Grandmaster

    Do you play chess? How many moves do you plan ahead in your games? How many moves ahead do you think a Grandmaster plans? They have the entire game worked out before the first piece is moved. This is what we have to do to reach the level of Sales Grandmaster. Think strategically and anticipate the […]

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  • Tips on Selling Intangible Value

    Intangible: “Unable to be touched; not having a physical presence”. Good luck with selling something that can’t be touched and without a physical presence! We should have opted to work in Procurement because it’s far easier than selling! Intangibles? How can we deliver value from them? A few years ago I was running a trial […]

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  • Charlie Brown: Business Guru!

    With the new Peanuts film upon us I thought it was time to re-evaluate the wisdom of good ol’ Charlie Brown as a business guru. ……. well not really but I do want you to think about the creator of Peanuts, Charles M Schulz. He was a business genius. When Peanuts was first syndicated Schulz […]

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  • Make winning the client ‘a priority’

    Making a presentation or issuing a report in order to win a client? Make these 8 simple steps your priority to success: Aim   – State clearly the objective of your report or presentation Position   – Your understanding of the current situation at the client Risks of no change – Start building the case […]

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  • Sales Analgesic: Take two tablets with a glass of water!

    In a previous role I would meet with the CEO’s of our Corporation and ask them where their pain was. No, I’m not a doctor but it was my job to identify where the pain was and make it go away. Rarely was it as simple as two tablets with a glass of water but […]

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  • Is the customer right sometimes?

    We had a new roof fitted to our conservatory in the Spring. I’m informed by the salesman of the company that fitted it that we should now call it an orangery. Pretentious, moi? I hear a chorus of “why is this of interest to me?” Well, stick with it. Everything was fine until the autumn […]

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  • The Golden Silence

    A few years ago I visited a major customer along with one of my sales team. The Buyer we were due to see set the tone for the meeting by keeping us waiting for 30 minutes. Once pleasantries had been exchanged we knuckled down and soon arrived at the heart of the issue. There was […]

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