As Leaders you have to provide direction and the necessary tools to your people in order for them to be successful. Let’s start here:

At Gradient we design programmes to meet you exact needs. Below are examples of just some of the topics we could help you with and support profit delivery and market leadership.

Turning your vision into a winning strategy A pragmatic approach to corporate, business unit and functional strategy development Decisions on where and how to compete.An integrated series of action plans understood by the whole business. Senior business and functional leaders
Risk management and internal audit procedures A risk review of your operations and audit procedures Solid corporate governance and risk mitigation Senior business and functional leaders
Team leadership Aligning your team structure and processes to execute your strategy Work effectively with the rest of your company. Manage remote performance effectively. Lead and motivate your team. New or current managers
Talent and performance management How to develop your people to deliver the best performance. Personal success factors

Career ladders

Functional competency lists

HR and functional managers