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We offer unique training programmes and hands-on consultancy services, guiding you to develop a strong, influential structure for your business. We are experts in helping businesses and people develop. With our support, your business can get to exactly where you want it to be.

Gradient will show you how to win, where to compete and how to get organised to deliver success.

Business Development


It’s also about putting in the right structures and organising your business and its people so that it thrives and is creates long term value for you and your customers.

You can find some excellent articles about what business development is at Forbes and Mashable but really what you want to know is …

    “How can business development help me?”

    Gradient knows that business development is about focusing on the right things in order to accelerate the growth of your business. With the right tools we can develop your business and its people to cope with anything that gets thrown at it.

    Strategy Development & Implementation


    Working with you to address the key challenges you and your business will face. This could be training your team and/or becoming part of the extended team delivering the results to grow your business.

    “How can strategy consultation help me?”

    By understanding the gaps between your position today and your vision allows us to address the challenges you will face and develop business and training plans to overcome them.

    Customer Retention

    Two thirds of business is lost due to customer indifference

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    ?? Products and Services

    Add value, drive out inefficiency, build in customer delight

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    People Management

    Manage people better; lead and motivate for best performance

    We Can Help

    Gradient has the consulting skills and experience to support and encourage your business to deliver improved performance and growth.

    Understanding the future of your business is essential, especially in times of economic instability. Gradient will help you to identify and interact with new business streams from within your industry while maximising return from existing markets, giving you the best possible returns.

    Professional business development, here and now

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